Watch YouTube and Build Stuff

It’s getting to the point where nearly anything you need to learn how to do can be found online.  From coding to airbrush techniques, from gardening to physics, from video game strategies to entrepreneurship – it’s all online.  

So why are we still testing students on the ability to memorize stuff?  Shouldn’t we be teaching them how to critically think?  How to work with others?  How to lead and make change?  How to fail gracefully, learn from it, and try again? At the very least, shouldn’t we teach them about how to research?

Think about all the awesome parts of life, and how much of it did you learn in a classroom, and how much did you learn by doing?  

Now that big classrooms in person might be done for the next few years, why not use the time to radically figure out how to provide experiential education for students?  What if we trusted them to deliver a single project over a semester – like a concert by someone learning music, or a research project if someone is learning biology, or an online shop by someone learning entrepreneurship? 

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