Okay, let’s get real, I’m probably not going to get around to posting art here, so you probably should go see most of my 2D and 3D artwork on my artist instagram: @rickkitagawa, or my NFT artwork on twitter at @darkwheelNFT

Or if you’d like to consider purchasing resin and soft vinyl toys, original paintings, prints, shirts, hats, or enamel pins, perhaps you should visit my shop The Evil Pin Club.

If you’re looking for my generative NFT project, Witchez, you can find these Tezos-enchantresses over in their Coven.

Also, if you’re interested in NFTs that aren’t energy-intensive and use up as much energy as a tweet, here’s a guide to getting started with the Tezos blockchain that I build all my projects on. 

If you’re looking for my interactive story-driven, demonic cult-themed NFT project, you can find the Order of the Dark Wheel at their cultist HQ (visit for the full experience.) 

Alternatively, you can find the collection here.

If you’re interested in my feminist SUCCUBUS project that send 66.6% of the proceeds to organizations that are trying to end domestic and sexual violence, you can find the collection here.

PS – If you’re looking for domestic violence resources, here’s a global guide to check out, and don’t forget to be safe..maybe use an incognito browser if your browsing history might be watched.

(Right click, and open in private/incognito window)

Or if you’re in the the US, here’s a direct link to the National Domestic Violence hotline

If you’re into generative art and more stylistic experiments, you can view my work on fx(hash).

Collection at right from “Lady Skeleton.

I also occasionally collaborate with Eve Skylar, a visual development artist and worldbuilder. Together we usually deviate from both our usual styles and subject matter.

If you’re interested in our collaborative projects, our latest NFT projects fall under Purapatu-Sama on fx(hash)