The Quick and Easy Bio:

Rick Kitagawa is an authenticity, creativity, and leadership coach, change-making consultant, visual artist, writer, podcast creator, educator, speaker, and Skee-Ball enthusiast.  He is currently based in Pasadena, CA.

The Rick-Branded Bio:

Rick Kitagawa is an Inner Monster Wrangler, Trust Spotlighter, world builder, knowledge packager, and a top-16-nationally-ranked Skee-Ball roller.  He’s a creative who can’t choose a medium and cares about making the world a better place. He loves monsters, storytelling, and all colors in the blue-green range of hues.

The Credibility-Focused Bio:

Rick Kitagawa is an executive coach and consultant that has worked with executives, founders, and leaders from around the globe and Fortune 50 companies.  Past clients include leaders at Apple, Google, Starbucks, Warby Parker, Citigroup, and Gap, Inc.  

Rick is also an award-winning visual artist and writer, and is one of the best Skee-Ball rollers in the world. 

The Authentic, Longer Bio:

Hi everyone!  My name is Rick Kitagawa, and I’m someone who loves helping others build change.  

I’ve struggled (and still struggle) with impostor syndrome, and I know how hard it is to deal with it, so I’ve built a coaching practice called Kaiju Coaching that focuses on wrangling those inner monsters that hold you back from being the most authentic You. 

I’ve been a part of both amazing, generous communities, as well as toxic, cut-throat organizations.  This has led me to focus on trust and how it underpins every aspect of organizational health, so I co-founded Spotlight Trust to empower leaders and organizations to reap the personal and financial rewards of being more trusted.  

Besides the work I do in the coaching and consulting space, I also create monsters of my own.  I design and sculpt art toys, portraits that mix abstraction and figurative paintings, and write both short horror fiction and screenplays. I also produce and host a podcast that mixes all of the above into one amalgamation called the Inner Monster Podcast.  

Thanks so much for being here, and please feel free to poke around.  Enjoy!