Trusty the Trust Bear

It seems like it’ll never fit with the consultancy I’m building, but we have this idea (thanks to my business partner’s romantic partner) of a giant mascot bear called Trusty who sells “trusticles”- trust popsicles – like a used car salesman.  

It’s not very trustworthy image, nor is it really tasteful, so I doubt that we’ll ever really use Trusty as-is, but since I’ll never probably get to bring Trusty to life, I figured I might as well write about him here.  

In the building of our company, we’ve had a lot of bad ideas (like Trusty) as well as some good ones. We hope to share those good ideas (and sometimes some mediocre ones) about building, earning, and restoring trust on a new podcast that we just dropped. It’s called In Trust and I hope you’ll give it a listen. The first three episodes are out now. 

We’re still not on Apple podcasts because they’re slow as a drunk sloth to approve new shows, but you can find us elsewhere and can listen here or even listen on our new YouTube channel.

Give it a spin, and myself, my business partner, and Trusty will all be grateful if you could a) tell a friend you think would benefit from listening, and b) like and subscribe. It really helps us out – thank you in advance!   

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