I suspect most toothpastes are generally the same in terms of efficacy, but they do vary greatly in overall experience of brushing with them. 

I’ve never seen brushing my teeth as an activity I look forward to. Brushing my teeth is one of those things that I do because if I don’t, my teeth get all messed up and I almost died from a tooth infection once, so I’m a bit paranoid about my teeth.

But how could I make brushing something to look forward to? I could focus on the toothbrush, the toothpaste – basically the tools used to complete the task.  Sure, that would probably moderately change the experience.

Or, I could change how I view brushing my teeth – basically, change my mindset towards the activity. I assert this would probably be much more impactful.

Where in your life might you be looking at the tools when you really should be looking at your mind?

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