Too Much Candy Corn

My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn.  

I know, I know, they’ve got a weird texture, they sorta just taste like sugary chemicals, and they give me cavities, but I still like them.  

As a kid, I’d eat way too many of them all in one go, get a headache from my spiking blood sugar, and I’d generally feel terrible the next day.  But I kept doing it year after year, as I was focused on the short term feeling (Heck yes, candy corn!) rather than paying attention to the mid-term results (Blarg, why do I do this to myself!?!?!).  

When we choose leaders based solely on the flash and bang tactics of a sideshow barker selling snake oil, we’re buying solely into how they make us feel, rather than whether or not they’re equipped to lead.  

I don’t eat candy corn almost at all anymore, as I’ve learned that focusing on my short-term excitement is a recipe for disaster.

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