The Terminator

I’ll be honest in that I haven’t watched any of the Terminator films after the third installation. Terminator 2 will always have a place in my heart not only for the thumbs up at the end, but also because it was the first R-rated film I saw.  

The non-gorey part that stands out in my mind is how Arnold gets zapped back from the future to protect John Connor, and lands in a biker bar fully naked, yet proceeds to beat up pretty much everyone in the bar.  

I remember this scene in that I was completely in awe of this robot dude who didn’t care that he was naked, and I think this speaks a lot to the power of vulnerability.

When you own what others perceive to be your weakness, suddenly it’s not very weak anymore. Spoiler alert for an 18-year-old movie: Eminem destroys his opponent in the final rap battle of 8 Mile by owning everything anyone could make fun of him for.  By completely taking away all of his opponent’s ammunition, he systematically lays siege to the confidence of his opponent, and leaves him speechless.  

So you can definitely keep your pants on, but consider how that which you’re afraid of others seeing might be exactly what you need to share with the world.

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