The Future is Trust

Most people don’t think about trust very often, unless they come across a breach of trust. Maybe it’s your boss not trusting you with autonomy and micromanaging, or clients not trusting you enough to commit to a purchase order. Perhaps what gets you thinking about trust is a stranger returning your wallet with the cash inside, or strangers funding your GoFundMe campaign when for all they know, you could be lying. 

Regardless, our world is built on relationships, and the fundamental pillar of those relationships is trust. 

Trust, while seemingly intangible, is made up of practical skills that you can develop. I call them Trust-Centered skills, and they’re things like receiving feedback well, showing empathy and care, learning how to listen actively and how to negotiate better. 

As our world shifts and some older forms of power shift away from command and control towards Trust-Centered Leadership, the future really is trust. 

That also happens to be the title of my forthcoming book that I’ve written with my amazing collaborator, Lisa Lambert.  If you want to learn more about what the future of leadership, work, and relationships looks like, learn more at

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