The Fish Man of 1927

Did you know that, according to a 1927 archived copy of the Washington Post, that there’s a fisherman named Jack Abrahamson who went on record to say that he found a merman off the coast of Florida?  

The merman was about five feet tall and swam next to Abrahamson’s boat for a good amount of time like a dolphin before it ended up getting tangled in the fisherman’s net.  

How many of you clicked that link to vet my source?  I was tempted to continue on about the fictional merman and the fictional Abrahamson, but I didn’t want to take advantage of your trust (too much).   

If you’re in the US, remember that there’s going to be a ton of random, made-up information, lies, half-truths, and other political garbage since the presidential election is coming up, so remember to check your sources to determine the facts about whether or not you agree with what’s being said BEFORE you re-post things.  

PS – Make sure you’re registered to vote (or register now) if you’re eligible to!

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