The BoogeyMan

Decisions we make are often determined by fear.  How do we not lose our job?  What if I get ‘canceled’ if I say something with nuance?  How can I avoid being targeted by my boss?  

We all have monsters in our closet that drives us to act from a defensive posture.  One of worrying about the outcome, usually at the expense of our authentic self.

I worried about changing my blog image to be all creepy for Halloween.  “It’s too scary for LinkedIn” my inner monster said.  

And then I realized that honestly, if this blog image isn’t ‘professional’ enough for you, then I’m not a good fit to work with.  To really live by people over profits, I have to value people as humans and individuals first, and then as part of an organization.  And if I can’t do that for myself, then what kind of leader am I? 

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