The Best Restaurant in the Universe

An illustration of the author wearing a face mask and the text "Black Lives Matter" in a speech bubble

Figuring out what the best restaurant is in an entire country is a downright ridiculous feat. 

Even figuring out the best restaurant in a city is pretty silly goal. 
Because if you’re not clear on what metrics you’re using to evaluate, there will be tons of dissenting opinions, and they won’t be wrong.

Even if you are clear on what metrics you’re using to evaluate, it’s like there will still be dissenting opinions, as we all have different lives, opinions, and stories that we tell ourselves about things like food, money, relationships, status, fame, and value, and those stories shift from day to day and hour to hour.

So you’re never going to please everyone with your selection of the best restaurant, and the sooner you internalize that, the easier it’ll be to make an assertion about what the best restaurant is for you.

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