Superheroes and Superpowers

Superheroes are great escapist fantasy, as it allows us to escape from our current responsibility.

When we’re looking at Superman trying to punch some giant alien who is trying to destroy us, we can dream of having his power – which also necessitates reconciling the fact we’re not bulletproof nor can we fly. 

We can react in two ways – we can use this to demoralize ourselves in thinking that we’re powerless compared to the comic heroes we love, or we can use this to realize that we all have our own superpowers. 

They’re not going to be the ability to bend steel, but it might be to inspire change in an industry, or to provide empathy for those who need it most. Perhaps it’s the ability to listen and hold space for people, or the ability to explain concepts clearly to others. Maybe it’s the ability to keep going when others would quit. 

Whatever it is, what would it look like to embrace that superpower and become a hero in your own right?

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