Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are motorized pumps that pull water from a lower place and move it to wherever the hose ends.  So even if your home’s foundation is subject to flooding, you can install one of these pumps to suck out the water and spit it out someplace that’s less damaging.  

They use energy to move water that has naturally fallen to its lowest point via gravity.  

If you’ve already got a place with a basement, they’re probably the best choice you’ve got to keep it flood-free.  

However, if you’re building something new, it’s easier to design things so that water doesn’t go in there in the first place.  

It’s sort of like trust.  It’s much easier to design a culture of trust where it flows naturally than to fix trust once it’s been shattered.   

Understanding and Addressing Medical Mistrust.

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