Stale Crackers

When you find a box of stale crackers, you might be tempted to either a) be like me and just eat the stale crackers, or b) throw them out. 

Often we look at a lot of our decisions as binary, in terms of the two most obvious solutions or actions. Unhappiness with the job? Quit or stay. Thinking about buying a new car? Save or spend. 

In the case of the stale crackers, we could bake them to make them less stale. We could crush them up and feed them to the birds. We could mash them up to use as some sort of crust. You could give them to someone else as a prank. You could add some water, turn it into a paste, and use it as some (somewhat) edible art sculpture. 

What other options might we open up if we look past the two most obvious solutions (to us)?

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