Scary Stories

Given the state of the world and the monetization of clicks, scary stories live all around us. Reading the news or looking at social media can easily provoke that fear response and then send us into doom-scrolling.

I’d like to talk about a different kind of scary story – the kind that introduce each episode of my new podcast – The Inner Monster Podcast.

These micro stories are made up, but all are based on legendary monsters that exist in the annals of history or in the stories told around campfires and at sleepovers.

There are kernels of truth in these campfire monster stories. By digging into the origins, mythology, and symbolism of monsters – I’ve found interesting insights into topics found in personal development – achieving success, conquering fear, and much more – and this is what makes up the most of each episode.

Join me on Inner Monster Mondays every week for a new episode, and if diving into the dark to find the light is something you resonate with, please subscribe and tell a friend. See you in your headphones!

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