Rockin’ It

When I was back at Berkeley, I remember writing a slam poetry piece called “Master of the Pool,” which is basically a celebration of people who are so comfortable with their bodies, they hang out in a Speedo with a hairy pot belly, a porn-stache, mullet, and aviator shades, and just walk around owning the pool.

Now, nearly a decade later, as I steadily progress into my mid-thirties as someone who interacts with people in their early 20’s, I start wondering about what it means to be fashionable in “old” age (specifically, old age for college kids).

I’m also a big proponent of teal hoodies. So much that I have two of the exact same hoodie (with my logo printed on the back) that I swap out. I often wonder about how my students see me. Am I a walking fashion nightmare, or a cool, hip professor? Mind you, perhaps I’m extra conscious about this because some of my students are fashion design students, I am an semi-professional model, and also I remember being teased due to ill-fitting clothing back when I was younger.

Regardless, I came to the realization today that it’s really about your state of mind. If you feel like you’re fashionable with some crazy outfit, you can probably pull it off.

Confidence goes a long way, and I think it’s the sole determination whether or not you can pull off an outfit.

I’m sure that somewhere out there, someone will somehow make wearing socks with Tevas fashionable.

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