Rocket Punch

In the film Pacific Rim, one of my favorite moments is when one of the pilots of the giant robots shouts “Rocket punch!” and a rocket fires off in the robot’s arm so that the punch is greatly accelerated when it smashes into one of the big monsters it is fighting.

This is a call-back to all of the predominantly Japanese cartoons and television shows where characters call out the technique they’re about to use.  

While I appreciate knowing the name of the attack, I always thought it was totally illogical to call out what you were going to do so that the enemy might have a chance to counter it.  

However, what if calling out the attack isn’t for the enemy at all, but for the person about to execute it?  By saying something, we’re making it slightly more tangible than if it just lives in our heads.  

Might we power up as well if we were to verbalize our own goals, dreams, and fears?  What’s in your head that you might benefit from saying out loud? 

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