I first heard about an annual retrospective from Chris Guillebeau (who was actually my first foray into personal development and online learning – thanks Chris!) many years ago. My friend and amazing comic creator/illustrator Francois Vigneault recently posted his 2020 year in review on his Patreon.  

Whether it’s the looming spectre of death that COVID has been, or perhaps the fuzziness of time that nine months of quarantine has brought, I’ve finally gotten with the program and dove into creating my own year in review.  

I’ve also extended it to 2019, as that was a big year for me for many reasons, and I wanted to capture it before it got too lost in the unreliable haze of memory. This admittedly made this lengthy and like a holiday update card from the mind of an over-enthused bibliophile, but you write these for you, you know? 

You can read my year(s) in review over here, but I wanted to ask you all – what are you looking forward to taking with you into next year? 

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