(Reality) Reality

It makes sense that virtual reality is really cool.  We’d love to be able to do things that we can’t often do in reality, or might not be safe to do in reality.  Whether that’s exploring a zombie apocalypse, or walking on a plank suspended off the ledge of a fifty-story building, virtual reality allows us to try things out.

But I wonder if reality is actually that much different.  How many things we believe we are not capable of doing might we be able to achieve?  

Is it writing a book or giving a speech in front of your organization?  Is it making a million dollars or learning to fly an airplane?  Is it learning a new language, K-Pop dance routines, or starting a business?  

Why is failing in a virtual reality less scary than failing in reality reality?  

Are the things we dream of actually impossible, or might there just be a long road of hard work in front of us? 

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