Improvement always has a process behind it, and if you’re looking too far out into the future, you’ll miss the enjoyable part of learning, staying present, and seeing those incremental wins. 

And these incremental wins are really important, as the path you might have chosen might be incredibly long. It’s easy to lose sight of the gradual progress you’ve made if you’re looking at something five years down the line. Especially if there are any setbacks or backsliding, if you’re only looking at your goal, these can be incredibly frustrating and discouraging. However, if you’re trusting the process and enjoying it, then these hurdles aren’t quite so scary, nor are they as monumental as they seem when you’re only looking at the end goal. 

These smaller steps can compound, and I assert that if you lean into the process you may not necessarily find yourself at your goal faster (although I think you probably will), but you will definitely find more happiness along the way. 

So where in your life can you really focus on the process?

Originally part of the Inner Monster Podcast, episode 31: The Hidebehind

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