Money Is Not Value

When you mention the word “value,” most people think of money, as that’s the most common way we use to measure something’s value – how much it costs.

But we’re often conflating the two. Money is not value.

Money is merely a measurement of value. 

Sure, in a capitalistic system that uses money to buy things, it seems like they’re the same, but if you take money outside of that system where you are no longer allowed or capable to buy things, suddenly what seems valuable is completely different.

Whether you’re on a raft on the open ocean, hiking by yourself in the wilderness, or in a dystopian city filled with cannibals, you’ll see that the value of money is not what you thought it was. 

When someone is starving and thinking about eating you (and their single item is a sword), you’re not likely to be able to convince that person of the value of your paper money.

So remember that even if you might not be getting paid “big bucks,” you might be creating or receiving value in different currencies than cash.

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