Lip Balm

I’m not a fan of lip balm in general, but it’s dry here and I like Burt’s Bees cucumber-mint moisturizing lip balm. The other day, I finally ran out, and since the store I was at didn’t have this particular brand and flavor, I had to choose between unknown options. I ended up with some Chapstick Key Lime flavored lip balm because it was cheap.

While this isn’t a commercial for either, I found the copy on each stick interesting. Burt’s Bees touts that it’s “100% natural,” “made in the US from global ingredients,” and has little logos that indicate that I should both recycle the tube afterwards as well as that it was made with no animal testing. It also lists all of the ingredients in the lip balm.

On the other hand, all I know from Chapstick’s container is that it’s flavored Key Lime, and is part of a “Tropical Paradise collection.”
It’s tempting for me to think that Burt’s Bees product copy is more effective, but then I remember that they are probably writing for people like me, who care about things like animal testing, where things are made, and what ingredients are used.

If all you care about is having a tasty wax to moisturize your lips, and are looking to save a dollar, then do you really need to know anything else but the flavor?

Remembering that everyone has their own unique worldview and values different things is crucial. Because what’s important to you might not be important to me, and if you’re looking to convince someone to take action, what’s important to you doesn’t really matter much.

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