Launching Like a Slug

Our society tends to think about launching as some massive event. There are tons of entrepreneurial products around the idea of organizing massive events to gain critical mass.

There’s visions of exploding out onto the scene, fully formed. Think BTS performing on a stage around a live birth going on in the middle. 

Done right, there’s accolades, confetti, and of course, sales.

Done wrong, there’s regret met with resounding silence.

But there’s something to be said about launching in a different way – like a slug, or sloth, or perhaps a ball of sentient slime rolling out of primordial ooze. 

Maybe it’s less of a launch, and more of a slow roll out, testing things, building in public, and looking for community over massive adoption, gaining traction, iterating, and constantly improving itself.

Or perhaps, the difference between launching with fanfare and launching like a slug is really just one’s state of mind.

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