King Kong

Perhaps the most famous giant ape, King Kong is revered as a god by a small group of people. However, he gets captured and taken to New York to become a sideshow.  There, he breaks free of his chains, causes widespread mayhem, and then forcibly captures the woman he’s infatuated with, who generally takes pity on the sad wild beast, yet still doesn’t really want to be captured and basically held hostage while an squadron of planes does what it can to try and bring the monster down.  

I think we can all have empathy for the rampaging beast, yet still understand that it needs to be removed from a place where it can cause so much rampant destruction and be a danger to human lives.  

I feel like there are a lot of similarities here to our current President.  

If you want to stop the rampant destruction of Democracy, the economy, and the lives of average American people, then stand with me and vote for Joe Biden. 

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