International Women’s Day

Today I don’t have any witty metaphors to offer – just a plea to take gender equity seriously. 

Read the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap report for 2020

Believe women. 

Donate to causes like the Asian Women’s Shelter, Black Girls Code, or consider making a microloan to a female entrepreneur out there who could use your help via Kiva

Men, don’t have any extra money to chip in? Well then start making things better for the women you work with. Consider blind recruitment if you handle hiring, or make a commitment to make sure to actually listen to things women share in meetings (and make sure that their ideas are properly credited). 

The 99.5 years that the gender gap report estimates it’ll take for gender equity is too goddamn long to wait. I might not see it fixed in my lifetime, but the more we fight for equality, the faster it’ll go.

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