Hot Food

I almost refuse to heat my leftovers up in the microwave. Sixty seconds feels like too long when I could be eating something right now.  

I think hot, delicious food is great, but especially for a snack or for lunch, I’d rather eat quickly (even if the food is cold) so I can get back to work.  I’m the type who will happily use shakes to replace meals most of the time, and I have multiple bags of Huel in my pantry.  

I’m capable enough of a cook to be able to pull off course-meals, and have cooked meals for 85 people before (with a team of helpers, of course.) I appreciate molecular gastronomy, and take cooking classes in local cuisine when I get the chance. I subscribe to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) aka “Farm Box” program, don’t eat meat, and only buy pasture-raised eggs. I can usually replicate the spices of anything I eat.

I also believe that Tabasco Chipotle sauce makes most foods taste better and I’ve been known to drink Taco Bell hot sauce packets as a snack. I’ve eaten a jar of sauerkraut by itself twice.  

What might seem like randomness and contradictory life choices to you all makes perfect sense to me. What might be irrational to you is perfectly rational to me.  

It’s good to remember that the reverse is also true. 

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