Hog-tied in a Classroom

Even if you are factually right, you have to understand that most people hate to be told that they’re wrong. After all, no one enjoys being wrong – at best people look at being wrong as lessons to learn from, but I’m not sure anyone really enjoys it. 

So how do we change people’s minds? It starts with enrollment. 

Just as if someone would enroll in a college class, when I talk about enrollment what I’m saying is that you need to get people onboard with your idea. 

Using logic to bash holes in other people’s ideas or beliefs is sort of like kidnapping someone and trying to leave them hog-tied in the back of a classroom before the professor starts to lecture. 

Sure, you’re getting them in the class, but do you think that person who’s tied up is going to be learning anything? 

The admittedly more difficult, yet also generally more effective way of getting that same person to willingly take the college class is the path of enrollment. Sure, you’re nudging them in a direction, but at the end of the day, they’re choosing to get onboard with whatever idea you’re selling. 

For more on enrollment, check out Episode 23: Arachne of the Inner Monster Podcast.

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