Get Some Rest

I can tell when I’m reaching my limits when there’s a shift in my mood.

No longer do I think about empathy for the other party – it’s generally annoyance and the low-grade urge to tell others how stupid they are.

No longer do I trust the world at large, and think the best of others – it becomes a sneaking suspicion that I hate everyone and that people are scum.

Given that I’m prone to these feelings – and it’s only due to a lack of energy, rest, or bandwidth – it reminds me that the people who are managing poorly, yelling at others, cutting me off in traffic, or being trolls on the internet are really just probably lacking these things as well.

We praise the hustle and give lip service to sustainability, but getting enough rest is crucial for making the world a better place. And if people with privilege can’t build out the systems to be enough, how can we expect those without to do so as well?

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