Fungi are super fascinating to me. 

There are mushrooms that look almost exactly alike, but one will taste great sauteed in garlic butter, the other will send you into convulsive fits before you die a painful death.  

Some fungi are strong enough to push up through concrete.  Some are blue, others brown or green, and there is a red mushroom that gets it color from a symbiotic relationship.  

Fungi are also interesting in that they take a bunch of dead and decaying organic matter, eat it, and create new life.  Basically, they’re masters at taking advantage of bad situations and growing from it.

Additionally, the majority of the fungi lives underground, and mushrooms are just the fruiting bodies – meaning the part we see and care about is only a small fraction of the whole.  Basically, fungi put in tons of work behind the scenes before they produce something that the world values.  

Fungi are actually closer to humans than plants – this is science, not just because people tell me that I’m a fun-guy.  

On a serious note, how might we strive to be more like fungi? 

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