Friendly With Fear

We all want to feel less scared. We all want to have more confidence, to be fearless, and to believe in ourselves. We want to feel validated, and protected, and safe.

The thing is, you’re never going to be fearless. You’re never going to completely get rid of self-doubt, and you’re never going to be worry-free. You’ll always going to want validation even when you cognitively recognize that you don’t want to need validation. You’re always going to get hurt by insults, criticisms (even if unfounded or irrelevant), and the nature of trying to play a larger game is that you won’t be safe.

There are a lot of things to be afraid of, and you’re never going to stop being afraid.

The messed up thing about life is that it’s not about eliminating fear or worry – it’s about learning to live with it, and acting as if it wasn’t there.

How might we change our behavior if we understand that fear is a necessary part of the process, and that we need to learn to dance with it instead? If fear will always be here, then will you let it hold you back from doing more?

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