Today’s a big day in the United States, so if you hear an extra bunch of people shouting about Freedom you know what’s going on.

It’s interesting how often when we think about the concept of freedom, we think about freedom for ourselves. To do, think, and say what we want. And to not be able to fully express ourselves, especially when raised to believe that the Constitution of the United States is somehow more important than morality or kindness, feels like an affront to our rights.

But we live in a society made up of people with their own unique, nuanced worldview. And we need to be aware of how our thoughts, actions, and words affect other people. 

So it’s my worldview that disagreements are healthy and necessary, but how we go about it (with no care for the other party) needs to be rethought. We should be grateful for more freedoms than most countries to express ourselves, but we also need to remember that when our rights infringe on those of others we shouldn’t be surprised when there are pushback and consequences. 

Treat others with kindness and respect, and you’ll find yourself free from the anger, hatred, and resentment that’s holding you down.

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