Frank’s Gonna Frank

I have a dove that lands in my backyard occasionally, and just walks around pecking at my brick patio.  I think it’s pecking seeds, or bits of flower, or ants maybe?  I’m not a dove expert, but I have named this dove Frank.

Frank sometimes comes in the afternoon.  Sometimes, not at all.  There’s no pattern that I understand about Frank’s behavior.  When Frank decides to drink from my air conditioning condensation rather than the water I put out in for birds, I don’t understand the logic behind drinking out of a slightly slimy bowl rather than a clean one.  

Frank just pecks at the ground sometimes, and I’m not always sure anything is there.

When Frank is doing something I don’t understand, I just say “Frank’s Gonna Frank.”  It makes no sense to me, but I’m sure it must make sense to Frank.

Do you have a Frank in your life? 

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