Frankenstein – Part I

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is about an ambitious and talented doctor that manages to reanimate a corpse into a living, thinking, feeling creature.

What happens is that this poor creature is so hideous that he terrifies his creator, himself, and everyone he meets.  Cast out into the wilderness alone, he’s constantly abandoned or attacked, even when saving a girl from drowning. This turns the originally naive and kind reanimated corpse into one of hatred and revenge.  

We often demonize and cast out those that are different, but how might have this creature’s life been different if humans took the time to get to know them?  

How many people out there might be less hateful, less prejudiced, or less violent if we took the time to see them as people, and not as weirdos, outcasts, freaks, or gross loners?  

Hurt people hurt people. What could we start doing today to break that cycle?

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