Fighting the Future

Leading through brute force and asserting your dominance doesn’t work anymore. 

I get it, it’s scary when what you’ve been doing and have been taught to do is suddenly not working. If you yourself have had to survive in industries where this is the dominant culture, I get that you may feel it’s unfair that you had to go through that abuse as you rose the ranks and now you have to serve your employees yet again.

But railing against this new era where trust in the most valuable asset we have is basically like asking that just because you once got punched in the face, that everyone also gets punched in the face. 

Not only is it ridiculous, but then consider everyone else who’s had it harder than you. Should you go through what they’ve gone through as well? There’s someone out there without legs, should we all amputate as well? There are women who have been victims of acid being thrown in their face, should we all line up for that? 

We need to stop thinking about sharing our own pain and start thinking of how we can prevent that from happening to other people. Lead better.

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