False Equivalents

False equivalents are really tricky, as often they take the form of things that might appear similar, but end up not being the same thing at all. 

In North America, coral snakes and scarlet king snakes both have red, yellow, and black bands, yet one is highly venomous and the other is harmless. 

The mock meadow mushroom is not the same as the meadow mushroom, even though they look incredibly similar (hence the names.) One is edible and tasty, the other will tear up your stomach.

Firing rubber bullets at unarmed protestors upset at disproportionate murder rates of their community by police is not the same as sitting by and letting armed protestors waltz into the Capitol building. 

Having an employee not listen to your directions because you’re operating off of bad information is not the same as having an employee not listen to your directions because they disrespect you. 

Learning to discern between two things that seem similar is a skill. Which means anyone can build it up if they practice looking for nuance enough.

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