Falling Behind, Catching Up

Guh, so I skipped four days of posting.

I realize that I have a very distinct choice.

One voice in my head is chastising me for messing up. It’s telling me that I need to be a professional. That true writers and thought leaders don’t let things get in the way. If I really want to make a difference, I need to ship. ever. day.

It’s telling me that it shouldn’t be surprised. I don’t follow through with anything. I’m terrible with commitments, and I need to get my goddamn adult life together.

There’s lots of “should”s and “I told you so”s. There’s disappointment, anger, regret, shame, and embarrassment.

There’s another voice in my head that’s telling me that missing stuff is part of life. That I was sick and slept through most of Sunday. That it’s about building a habit, not being perfect.

It asks what does being overly strict accomplish? It questions whether it’s about making sure I blog every single damn day, or whether it’s about building a habit of putting words on paper and creating something new out of nothing.

There’s warmth, love, compassion, forgiveness, and support.

I’m fortunate that I have the time, space, and training to be able to hear the different voices, and so I get to choose what voice to listen to.

Thanks, blog, I missed you too. See you tomorrow.

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