Face Creases

Using my respirator for a few hours (for painting) usually leaves some face creases, very similar to those that our health care workers have been sharing on social media after long shifts trying to save lives while protecting their own.

While these face creases might not be conventionally attractive, they do send a message about the care for safety and the commitment made to show up as a professional, even if it leaves you sweaty and unsightly with tons of face creases.

So while we often consider our appearance and try to look as pristine as possible, what might we gain from the vulnerability of showing what we look like in the heat of battle?

Who might we inspire, what behavior might we influence, and what type of culture might we build when we share the challenges of showing up? 

PS – Thank you to all the health care workers that have been absolutely brutalized for the past year and a half. You’re an inspiration.

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