Expert Sourpuss

I will occasionally see people raving about some highly-edited artist’s process video that blows their mind. Think VR painting, or the whole “paint it upside down then flip the canvas.”

I’m somewhat embarrassed to say my first instinct is sometimes “Eh, that’s just showy, they could have achieved the exact same thing in half the effort.”

When you have a high level of knowing how the sausage is made, it can take a lot to impress you, but you have to remember that it’s not for the sausage makers. 

It’s for people who want to be wowed. Who want to find joy and surprise and wonder in the process that might be a bit rote and boring (or overly dramatic or inefficient) for you.

For better or worse, storytelling matters, and if someone is telling an entertaining story that isn’t harmful or a blatant lie, let them tell it. It’s not for you anyway.

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