Don’t Forget to Celebrate

It’s easy to forget to celebrate milestones and achievements – especially if you’re the type to constantly have your gaze focused upwards.

I know that often after I ship something meaningful, it’s on to the next project, next idea, next level. It’s hard to make time to celebrate when there’s always more work to be done, new things to research, a new goal to strategize around. 
But if you’re only ever focused on what’s in front of you, you’ll miss what’s currently happening. You won’t enjoy the fruits of your labor, because there’s always bigger, tastier fruit around the corner.

Like most things in life, however, we can do both. Start by taking pause to enjoy and celebrate your success and acknowledge that you’ve done something worthwhile. Then you can feel free to charge ahead towards the next milestone, the next creation, the next sale.

Being ambitious and having enough are not mutually exclusive.

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