Do You Really Not Know?

I was pondering a business problem the other day, and my co-founder told me “I think we know what we need to do, it’s just a matter of doing it.” 

She was 100% right. 

So much of what gets in our way of success is not the lack of knowledge, it’s doing the work. It’s putting boots to the ground and showing up like a professional.

It’s tempting to hide by taking another class, or signing up for yet another webinar that you will half-watch on replay while multitasking, or reading another book. Believe me, I know, as this is my favorite place to keep me from showing up like I should be. 

So while it may be true that you can gain something out of another training program or accelerator, have you stopped to ask yourself “Do you really not know?” 

Is it really a knowledge problem, or is it a fear problem? 

Either way, it pays to figure out which one it is so you can take the steps to solve for the correct one.

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