Destinations That Never Arrive

It’s very common to think of attributes as destinations. Places to end up at. 

We’re “generous” or “selfless” or “trusted” or “a leader.” We think of these descriptions as things that we either are or are not, and that once we become recognized this way, we’re set.

But the thing about descriptions is that they can always be modified, or used in comparison. “Extremely generous” is different from “sorta generous.” “Kind” is different from “a living buddha.”

The truth of the matter is that we can always be more trusted, or more selfless, or more knowledgeable, or more charismatic, or more whatever.

If we internalize that there is no destination, but merely a gradation that we can move back and forth upon, then we can begin to find happiness and contentment in the journey. We can be ambitious and strive for improvement while also being happy (if not satisfied) where we are today. 

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