Curiously Dumb

As a kid, I used to think that I was smarter than most people, mainly due to my excellent scores on national standardized tests. I rarely felt dumb or stupid.

As an adult, I’ve had the privilege to meet incredibly brilliant people, who have done incredibly brilliant things. I’ve met people much smarter, wiser, knowledgeable people than me. 

Yet I still rarely feel dumb or stupid.

I realize now that it wasn’t because I was exceptionally smart that I didn’t feel dumb or stupid in school. It’s the same reason why I don’t feel dumb or stupid now.

It’s because I try to hold a posture of curiosity – learning new things is enjoyable to me. 

How might you try to be more curious today? How might that reframe how you think about yourself?

2 responses to “Curiously Dumb”

  1. Brian DeSimone Avatar

    I had the opposite experience. I did terrible in school, in tests and graduated almost last in my class. I always felt dumb and was very sensitive about it. I still looked up to my friends who had the opportunity to go to college—”cause thats what we were supposed to do!”

    Here we are 20 years later and I have a great life, run my own business, and have zero debt. I’ve learned that I’m differently smart. 🙂 NOt sure if this response is useful but i wanted to POKE the algorithm and get some EXTRA traffic up in here.

    great post RICK!!! Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Rick Avatar

      Thanks so much for sharing, Brian!

      Indeed, our school system focuses on a very specific type of “smart,” and routinely ignores and attacks other forms of intelligence. College is definitely not for everyone, and I’m starting to question it being really for anyone, TBH. The school of life can be our greatest teacher if we let it, and so glad to see you killing it now regardless of what ivory-tower academia might tell you.

      Thank YOU for the inspiration 🙂

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