Convention Tabling

In the world of comic conventions, there’s a lot of trust between vendors. We’ll ask someone we’ve never met, who just happens to be placed next to us in the aisle, to watch our tables if we leave to go to the restroom or grab something to eat.

There’s a sense of camaraderie of knowing what it’s like to be putting oneself out into the arena, hoping someone will like your art enough to buy from you, even though there are sometimes hundreds of other vendors they could be spending their money with. And it’s this shared experience of stepping into the arena that allows you to trust someone you just met with your product. 

And just like with art making, any endeavour that requires you to step out into the market to try and sell your goods or services has the same struggles, the same thrills, and the same fear baked into moving into the public arena. 

Just as we booth vendors rely on each other, who might you ally with in your endeavours to find the support, understanding, and trust to make the journey that much easier?

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