Building in Public #2


Non-bro dudes, I’m talking to you.

Yeah, you know who you are. You’re a dude, but you also aren’t a fan of toxic bro culture.

You might be a football fan, but also feel torn because of the long-term head trauma associated with the game.

Maybe you’re a straight guy who loves ladies, but also feel like strip clubs are gross and objectifying, and know better than to talk to women’s chests instead of making eye contact.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur that seeks to make money in a way that isn’t predatory, or harmful to the environment, and hey, maybe you even dislike capitalism in the first place!

You probably fit in a lot of places, but maybe you don’t feel like you actually belong anywhere. 

And that’s probably because as dudes, we’re socialized to conform, beat our chests, and hunt, kill, and eat some small cute animal in the woods because that’s what dudes are supposed to do – or is it? 

Most of what I see on the internet about masculinity is either focused on toxic masculinity, or on the rejection of masculinity as toxic. Amigo, the focus in this debate needs to be about the word “toxic” not masculinity.

ANYWAY, what if the answer isn’t about how manly you are, but how YOU you are? What if healthy masculinity is all about being yourself, whether that’s part of the dominant male identity or not?


I have no idea if this resonates with anyone else but me. I don’t have a product to sell (yet..well, besides maybe coaching), but I’m just interested if any other non-bro dudes out there resonate with this. Let me know if this does.

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  1. Shane Delaney Avatar
    Shane Delaney

    This absolutely resonates and you aren’t alone. Personally, I’ve always found I could “fit” in many groups and settings, to a point! However, I’ve also felt the need to change the “ME” in each setting…. I’m going to work on being more ME in every situation.

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