Blueprints are great for constructing a building that works for when the blueprint was drawn, but if circumstances and times change, the blueprint quickly becomes obsolete.

Especially in uncertain times, we want clear, tested, de-risked answers to life. And why wouldn’t we? If you could have the exact blueprint to get what you want in life, it would be silly not to use it.

However, the tricky thing is that no one is ever going to have an exact blueprint, as people who have what you might want are not you. If they share what worked for them and offer their blueprints to you, it might not work for you. 

Things change, times shift consumer preferences and habits, global pandemics change industries. Blueprints that have worked in the past probably aren’t going to work right now.

So what can we do? 

Learn to sit with uncertainty. Study blueprints for parts that might still work. Learn to identify what’s important to you so you can keep that and perhaps jettison all the rest and create a blueprint that’s never been seen before.

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