When we think of making a project bigger, I often think of scale – more customers, more impact, more media, more sales, more money.

While there’s nothing wrong with scale, if you look at those thoughts, it’s obvious that I’m thinking about how it could be bigger for me.

I recently started a generative NFT project (on an energy efficient blockchain, of course), and I had no idea how to grow it. Of course, there’s dreams of becoming the subject of the next Christie’s auction, but I didn’t know how.

And then I realized that I was thinking bigger for myself, and not bigger for others. That realization allowed me to tie the inspiration behind the art (a statement of patriarchy and misogyny) to real-world solutions (non-profits that provide service to those suffering/surviving domestic violence).

So now, the focus of who’s it for, how to market it, and even why I’m doing it is crystal clear, and by making the scope of beneficiaries bigger, I’ve also started seeing the results of all those other “me-focused” desires.

Oh yeah, and I’m also having a lot more fun with the project now as well.

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