B.O., Rotting Food, and Moldy Lemons

The dish was filled up with dishes that were only moderately rinsed and the drain trap was partially blocked with food chunks.

The nearby counter had a plastic bag with lemons in it, given to us a week ago. One was covered in a soft, fuzzy blanket of powdery mold. Some were still good.

I was full-on Goblin mode, and hadn’t showered for 24 hours.

As I began to wash the dishes, a slightly sweet, slightly sour, slightly barf-tastic smell kept wafting into my nostrils.

I couldn’t help to wonder: was it an individual stank, or was it the combination of all of the above?

And then I realized – it doesn’t matter.

I washed the dishes, cleaned the sink, composted the moldy lemons, juiced the good ones, took a shower, and changed into a fresh shirt.

When you’ve got a problem, and you suspect multiple causes, does it make sense to just fix one thing, or might it make more sense to address all of them?

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