Artist vs Professional Artist

I know you may feel tempted to not call yourself an artist if you’re not a classically trained painter, or a Broadway actor, or sculpting gigantic figures out of bronze.

You might say things like “I just enjoy art,” or you make small sculptures for fun, or you go to sip-and-paints with your partner. Maybe you just like crafting things out of scraps, or writing flash fiction, or making origami. Perhaps you’re an artist in the kitchen making awesome dinners for your family.  Maybe you enjoy spending time drawing with your toddlers. 

You might not be a professional artist who gets paid for the art that they make, but if you create things into the world, you’re an artist. You don’t have to have the technical skills to express yourself yet, nor do you need to have gone to formal lessons for it. 

We need more artists out there, even if you’re not going to be a professional, as art is what makes life worth living. So keep on making. Please.

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