Are You A Leader?

I’m not talking about the title you hold, or how many followers you have on social media. It takes almost nothing to make a company and add CEO to your business cards or to buy thousands of followers.

I’m also not asking if you have fifty years of experience in your subject matter, or if you get asked to speak at conferences. I’m not even asking if you manage other people.

I’m asking if you’re the type to push for change, to make decisions, to support others in being their best selves. I’m asking if you do the work – both the task-based work, and the emotional work of building trust with others. 

I’m asking if you’re the type to build culture, to reimagine how things are done, to stand up for what others care about. Will you use your power for the powerless? Will you speak up for the voiceless? Will you build a place of belonging that includes everyone?


Are you a leader?

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