Arbitrary Dates

Happy 2022, everyone.

You might find today to be a momentous occasion, as it’s the start of a new calendar year.

After all, we’ve created parades, funding and budget cycles, national holidays, and a bunch of other cultural norms around this day.

So if that’s your jam, ride that inspiration towards actionable steps to your next goal.

But as your resident rebellious curmudgeon, I might also question whether or not we should be waiting for a specific time of the year to get started.

There’s that saying “The best time to get started was yesterday. The second best time to get started is today” and I think that might be a great phrase to keep in mind around all of your ambitious projects throughout the year.

Why must your streak start on January 1st? Why not February 22nd? Or October 4th? Or July 26th? How about whatever day it is you’re reading this?

Ceremony is fine, and if it helps you to think about things by going with the start of a calendar, then go for it. But don’t put making the changes in your life off for convenience in keeping track of things.

Make the changes you see fit, when you see fit.

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